Price information

* Basic fare, unless indicated otherwise – checked luggage is subject to surcharges. Price per leg and person. Limited seating capacity.


Manage booking

Here you can view and manage your current Eurowings flight booking.

If you can’t go on your planned trip, simply change your booking with just a few clicks. A seat reservation for your Eurowings flight guarantees you comfort and you can also conveniently book your luggage in advance. Use all the benefits of our online services!

View your booking

View your booking details quickly and easily by registering or logging into your existing account. The choice is yours: you can log in either by entering your username and password or using your booking code and last name.

Changing bookings

Has something come up? Are you not now able to go on your planned holiday and need an alternative travel date? We don’t want you to miss your well-deserved break, of course, so you can change your Eurowings flight booking until web check-in closes just before departure.

Adding or checking in luggage

Eurowings offers you a variety of choices for your next trip – from checked luggage to hand luggage and special baggage. The choice is yours: you can simply add your luggage during the flight booking process, or it’s completely straightforward to add it to your booking afterwards.

Making a seat reservation

Some journeys are longer than others. All the more important then to feel comfortable on a Eurowings flight. Choose between a standard seat or a seat with up to 10 cm more legroom. Decide whether you prefer a window, aisle or centre seat.