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For most tourists, a vacation in Bulgaria means first and foremost relaxing on the beach looking out at the Black Sea. And who would argue? Between Varna in the north and the Bourgas region in the south, the outstanding bathing spots are lined up one after the other like a strand of pearls. Between the beach and activities like sailing, kite surfing or diving, your vacation is over much too soon. Bulgaria is a paradise for spa enthusiasts too: more than 800 mineral springs bubble forth from the land, many of them in and around Varna. But those who take the time to discover the rest of Bulgaria as well will be richly rewarded.

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In the city of Veliko Tarnovo, you can get a taste of the glories of Bulgaria's medieval empire just by looking at the wonderful old buildings. This is the home of the legendary Khan Krum, who successfully defended the Bulgarian empire against Byzantium. The Romans, too, have left traces of their civilization, which can still be visited today. In Nicopolis ad Istrum, beautiful Roman sites have been preserved. In Varna as well there are ruins of Roman thermal baths. The culture of Varna made its home on this coast as early as 4,500 B.C. and became the world's first goldsmiths. You can explore their craftsmanship in the historic museum of Varna.

There is plenty to experience in Bulgaria beyond the beaches and the sights. In the mountains surrounding the lively capital, Sofia, skiing in the winter is as delightful as hiking in the summer. Sofia itself was long known as the Paris of Eastern Europe, and has once again become an attractive city with a wide range of art, culture and entertainment. How about venturing on a day-trip to the best-smelling region of the world: the rose valleys of the Stryama and Tundhza rivers, where thorny blooms are cultivated to make 80% of the world's rose oil. For a fishing or hunting vacation, it's worth your while to take a ride into Bulgaria's mountains and valleys. Book your Eurowings flight to Bulgaria now online and discover this fascinating country on the Black Sea. 

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