Price information

* BASIC fare unless indicated otherwise; no fees are incurred when checking in luggage. Price per leg and person. Limited seat availability.

** Economy Smart Restricted fare (incl. meals and an item of luggage up to 23 kg; booking changes/refunds for a fee). Price per person. Limited seat availability.

FAQs: The long-haul flight cooperation between Eurowings and Lufthansa in Frankfurt

Thanks to a cooperation with Lufthansa, we have begun offering an additional service starting with the 2019/2020 winter flight schedule that allows you to fly to tourist destinations from Frankfurt with the proven Eurowings product. These flights are operated by our partner Brussels Airlines. 

We answer the most frequently asked questions regarding this new service below.

How does booking a long-haul flight from Frankfurt in cooperation with Lufthansa work?

After you have completed booking your Eurowings flight, you will receive a Eurowings booking information and a booking confirmation from Lufthansa.  This booking confirmation contains both a Eurowings and a Lufthansa booking code. Because of the cooperation with Lufthansa, you will need to visit and use your Lufthansa booking code to manage your booking.

If you have booked your flight through Lufthansa, you will receive a Lufthansa flight ticket with a Lufthansa booking code, which is valid for the respective Eurowings connection. This booking can be managed at as well.

How can I manage my booking online?

Because of the cooperation with Lufthansa, connections booked with Eurowings can only be managed at Booking changes are possible via the online portal. If you wish to book any additional services, please contact the Eurowings call centre.
You can reach the Eurowings call centre round the clock on the following telephone number: +49 (0) 180 6 320 320 (€0.20/call from German landlines, max. €0.60/call from German mobile networks)

Online check-in must be done at using the Lufthansa booking code. You can do this from 23 hours before departure.

Why am I seeing “Flight is operated by: Brussels Airlines” when booking a flight on the Eurowings booking portal?

All long-haul flights that Eurowings offers from Frankfurt are operated by Brussels Airlines. The planes have been adapted to meet the Eurowings standard so you can enjoy the full Eurowings product experience. The Brussels Airlines crew will welcome you on board.

Which flight fares can I book?

The SMART fare is currently available when booking long-haul flights with Eurowings. Additionally, the SMART, BEST and BIZ fare are available when booking flights from Frankfurt via the Lufthansa website.

Is my luggage included in the ticket price?

Yes, the SMART fare includes one piece of luggage up to 23 kg.

Which hand luggage restrictions apply?

Hand luggage may weigh up to 8 kg and be 55 x 40 x 23 cm in size. Foldable garment bags are excepted. These count as hand luggage up to a size of 57 x 54 x 15 cm.

What services await me on board?

SMART fare travellers receive two meals free of charge, two beverage services with soft drinks, tea and coffee, and a range of on-board entertainment. Headphones are available for a small fee.

Are vegetarian meals available?

Yes, there are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for both meals.

Are any additional special meals available?

Apart from vegetarian options, there are no other special meals available. We do offer baby food for the little ones on board.

How can I reserve a seat?

For technical reasons, it is only possible to reserve seats through your travel agency or the Eurowings call centre. It is not possible to reserve seats online.

You can reach the Eurowings call centre round the clock on the following telephone number: +49 (0) 180 6 320 320 (€0.20/call from German landlines, max. €0.60/call from German mobile networks).

Can I reserve a seat with more legroom?

Seats with more legroom cannot be booked at for flights operated in cooperation with Lufthansa. You can book the BEST fare at to receive a seat with more legroom.

Is there on-board entertainment?

Yes, there is a wide variety of on-board entertainment available, including films, games, music and audio books. Headphones are available with the SMART fare for a small fee.

Should I check in with Lufthansa or Eurowings at the airport?

Because of the cooperation with Lufthansa, check-in for long-haul Eurowings flights from Frankfurt is only possible with Lufthansa and can be done either online, on your mobile device, at the check-in machine, or at the counter at the airport.

For example, a customer travelling from Frankfurt to Namibia must check in with Lufthansa, not with Eurowings. This also applies to customers who are checking in with a Eurowings flight number. Check-in opens two hours before departure and closes 40 minutes before departure.

In Frankfurt, the check-in counter is in terminal 1, at gate B, counters 553–554. The counter opens two hours before the scheduled departure and closes 40 minutes before the scheduled departure.