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Travelling during Corona - all you need to know

Travelling in times of Corona

The world of travel has changed. We would like to keep you informed about all the latest developments so that you can take your next flight with Eurowings without any worries. Your safety and health are our top priority.  

To make travelling safe for everyone, mouth and nose protection is mandatory on board. Due to new regulations at airports, each passenger may only carry one piece of hand luggage. In some countries, pre-registrations at least 48 hours before entry have become mandatory.

Find everything you need to know about travelling in times of Corona here.

The latest safety measures at a glance

Last update:
07 August 2020 / 5 p.m.

We care about your health

Mandatory mouth-nose cover onboard at Eurowings

Flying in times of Corona

Flying in times of Corona

Protective measures along your journey

Prior to departure

Entry regulations

Ahead of your flight with Eurowings, it is important you inform yourself about the valid entry regulations of your destination country and check whether there are any restrictions for you:

- IATA Travel Centre

- Pre-registration for entry into some countries: The latest information can be found here, on the websites of the respective destination country and via IATA. 

For entry into certain countries in Europe, the completion of special entry forms and / or prior online registration is required. These pre-registration requirements mostly need to be carried out 48 hours ahead of entry.

If special entry forms are required, these must be completed and printed out and brought with you on the day of your trip. If no printer is available, please contact the ground staff on the day of departure. Please bring your own pen.

Mobile und Web check-in

If possible, please check in early via our website or Eurowings app.

Currently, web or app check-in is available without restrictions for flights within Germany.

The web check-in is currently not possible for a few destinations, as entry regulations differ in each country. If you cannot check in online for your journey, please do so at the airport check-in counter. Boarding passes for some destinations abroad are currently only issued at the check-in desk upon presentation of the necessary entry documents.

Contact details

Please let us know your contact details so that we can contact you during your trip if necessary. 

Mouth and nose cover

As a mouth and nose cover is mandatory on flights to ensure the safety of our passengers and staff alike, we kindly ask you to bring your own mask. Please note that the mask must not have an exhalation valve. It may also be useful to bring a replacement mask and hand disinfectant, keeping the regulations for carrying liquids in mind. Disinfectants will also be available at airports and on board. Children below 7 years of age are exempt from this regulation.

Medical Self-Check

Before traveling, please protect yourself and your fellow travellers by checking your state of health for the classic Covid-19 symptoms, such as fever, cough and loss of taste. At the time of check-in, please confirm that you have not had contact with a Covid-19 case in the last 14 days and that you have not tested positive yourself. 

Free middle seat

If you would like more comfort onboard, you can book the middle seat next to you from just 18€ via our call center. Please call us on +49 180 6 320 320 (German landline: €0.20 per call - German mobile network: max. €0.60 per call). The middle seat can also be added after the booking is completed, if available. Our customer agents will be happy to assist you with any queries you might have. The offer is only valid for Eurowings flights.

At the departure airport

Arrive early

We advise arriving at the airport early, as security control, check-in and boarding might take more time than expected. Some airport operators only allow access for travelers with a valid ticket for the day. 

Mouth and nose cover

As a mouth and nose cover is mandatory on flights to ensure the safety of our passengers and staff alike, we kindly ask you to bring your own mask. Most airports made wearing a mask mandatory as well. Find out more on the website of the respective airport.

Security control

Due to changes in security control processes, we recommend that you arrive early and allow time to go through security. Please keep at least two arm lengths away from other passengers at the security checkpoint. 

Hand luggage

Due to changed regulations, you are currently only allowed to take one piece of hand baggage on flights departing from Germany. This also applies if your booked fare includes an additional piece of hand baggage or personal items. We will be happy to check in every piece of hand baggage that complies with the regulations free of charge.

Disinfect your hands regularly

Hand disinfectants are provided at the airport, which you can of course use free of charge.

To avoid queuing, Sylt Airport offers an late night check-in. You can use this service for only € 5.00 (incl. taxes) daily, from 16:00 to 17:30.

Boarding and onboard the flight

Contactless boarding

Please wait until your group is called to board and keep the required minimum distance. To reduce the risk of infection, hold the barcode of your boarding pass against the reader yourself instead of handing it to the boarding staff. Boarding pace is controlled by dividing passengers into groups. At German airports with respective infrastructure and adequate official regulations, all Eurowings flights will now be receiving direct gate positions. This measure aims to avoid transferring passengers by bus from apron positions.

Mouth and nose cover

You ensure the wellbeing of all passengers and staff if your wear a mask on board our flights. Our crew wears masks throughout the whole flight as well. Please not that face shields are not accepted on Eurowings flights, as they do not prevent droplets entering the air via the sides and bottom of your face.

Air purification

Our air filters enable a complete air exchange within about three minutes. The resulting excellent air quality, in combination with a mouth-and-nose guard, offers enough protection from infection, even without the minimum distance from your seat neighbour. We do however make every effort to allocate seats as widely as possible throughout the entire aircraft cabin when occupancy is low.

Disinfection wipe 

We will hand you a disinfecting wipe when you board the plane. We would like to point out that only the disinfection wipes provided by us should be used to clean the surfaces in the area of your seat. 

Simplified on-board service

We have currently reduced our on-board service. Our Wings Bistro keeps a small selection of drinks and snacks in stock. Please use the option to pay cashless or have the necessary change ready.

Cabin cleaning

We have increased the cleaning cycles and regularly carry out disinfectant cleaning in the aircraft cabin and washrooms. There is also disinfectant washing gel in the washrooms available to all passengers.

Free middle seat

If you would like more comfort onboard, simply book the middle seat next to you from just 18€ via our call center. Please call us on +49 180 6 320 320 (German landline: €0.20 per call - German mobile network: max. €0.60 per call). The middle seat can also be added after the booking is completed, if available. 

At the destination airport

Mouth and nose cover

Your destination airport might require wearing a mask as well. We advise you keep your mask on until you leave your destination aiport to avoid potential infection.

Maintain the minimum distance

After landing, please wait until the airport gives permission to disembark. Please also keep sufficient distance when leaving the aircraft and in the airport.

Entry regulations

Check the current entry regulations for your destination country and the current regulations at the destination airport. 

After your return journey

Corona test obligation for returnees from risk areas

In order to protect yourself and others after your return from a current risk area, passengers will be required to undergo mandatory testing on their return to Germany from Saturday, August 8, 2020.

Free corona tests are available for this purpose at German airports. The test result can be viewed online within 3 days. If your test result is negative, the 14-day domestic quarantine for returnees from risk areas that would otherwise have been necessary will be lifted.

We thank you for your support in containing the coronavirus.

Flexible booking

Plan your next trip without worries and remain flexible. Instead of missing your next city trip or holiday this year due to unforeseen circumstances, simply use our rebooking option free of charge, as often as you wish. Your flight can be rebooked up to 14 days before scheduled departure.

Book your flight today with Eurowings and secure full flexibility for your journey.

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Find more information on our flexible rebooking regulations here.

We are expanding our flight programme

Travel restrictions are relaxing in countries within Europe and we are ready to fly you there.

From many departure airports, we fly new routes. Check our flight schedule monthly to see where we can take you next.

Corona updates

We provide you with daily updates on flight and travel regulations during the corona crisis.  

Find all current information about our flexible rebooking policy, flight vouchers, infection control and more FAQs.