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Entry requirements and pre-registration

Many countries have currently restricted entry. We would therefore like to point out that the execution of a flight is no guarantee for a smooth entry into the destination country.

Therefore, please check whether there are any restrictions for you in your destination country:

  • Check the website of your home country's foreign ministry

  • Entry forms and online registration are mandatory in some countries. In most cases, online registrations must be made 48 hours prior to departure. Please check the government website of your destination country for further information.

Am I eligible for a flight voucher?

If your flight has been cancelled, you can request a voucher worth the value of your fare. For upcoming bookings until 24 October, 2020, you can request a voucher as well. Vouchers can be claimed until 14 days before the departure date.

The condition for receiving a voucher is that you have booked your flight directly via or the Eurowings App. If your flight was not booked directly via Eurowings, please contact your booking partner (e.g. travel agency or tour operator, online travel provider, etc.). More information is provided here.

Please note our voucher terms and conditions of use


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