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* Basic fare, unless indicated otherwise – checked luggage is subject to surcharges. Price per leg and person. Limited seating capacity.

Travelling with children

Travelling somewhere as a family is one of life's best experiences. Eurowings lets you discover the world with your children conveniently and affordably by offering discounted prices. Here's how to get good value for your money on your next holiday with the kids:

  • Children aged between two and eleven inclusive and infants under the age of two who travel with a child safety seat in their own seat receive a discount of 20% on the regular fare*. For infants under the age of two who travel on a parent’s lap, only the fixed service fee applies.

  • For infants under the age of two, a fixed service fee will be charged for each leg of the journey, amounting to €25 / £22 / CHF 29 / $29 / CZK 643 / SEK 256 / NOK 238 / PLN 108 / HUF 7,976 per leg on short and medium-haul flights, €75 on long-haul flights.

Please note that the age of the child when boarding the last flight booked applies. For safety reasons, we can only allow one infant per adult on board. If you are travelling with a second child under two years of age, you have the option of booking a seat for that child and carrying the appropriate child restraint system with you. Please contact our call centre to make arrangements.

Passenger safety comes first with Eurowings – and that applies particularly to children, of course. That's why you're allowed to board with your own child safety seat. Eurowings and our partner airlines do not provide child safety seats of its own. 

Please note that check-in at an airport counter is mandatory if a child safety seat is to be used. The booster seat will be checked for suitability at the check-in counter, so it is not possible to use web check-in or self-check-in.

If you would like to bring your own car seat or child restraint system on board, please ensure:

  • to register the child restraint device in time via our call center, airport service counter or use our contact form,

  • to book a suitable seat in advance ( not in the first row, not at the emergency exit row or in a row in front of or directly behind the emergency exit),

  • you are using an approved car seat / child restraint device (see "Seats approved for flights"),

  • the device is in perfect working order,

  • you are familiar with using the device in an aircraft,

  • you will attach the device to the seat,

  • you agree to check-in the car seat or child restraint device as checked baggage if it doesn't appear in the list of approved devices below, if it's not in an acceptable working order or cannot be attached to the passenger seat.

If a seat does not comply with requirements, our employees are authorized to prevent its use and to stow the seat in a separate location. In such cases, infants will be secured with a loop belt on the adult's lap. We regret that it will not be possible to refund the price paid for the separate seat.

On board, only the following child seats are allowed:

  • CRDs approved for use in motor vehicles according to the UN Standard ECE R 44, -03 or later series of amendments.

  • CRDs approved for use in motor vehicles and aircraft according to Canadian CMVSS 213/213.1.

  • CRDs approved for use in motor vehicles and aircraft according FMVSS No 213 and manufactured to these standards on or after February 26, 1985. US approved CRDs manufactured after this date must bear the following in red letters:

  • CRDs qualified for use in aircraft according to the German ‘Qualification Procedure for Child Restraint Systems for Use In Aircraft’ (TÜV Doc.: TÜV/958-01/2001).

The following types of child restraint systems are also accepted:

  • Upper Torso Restraint Devices of “CARES - kids fly safe” (Weight limitation: 10-20kg (22-44lbs); Height limitation: maximum 1m (40 inches).

Other topics

Prams, pushchairs and luggage

Children under the age of twelve are subject to the same luggage and seating conditions as adult passengers. This also applies if the child is not occupying their own seat.

We will transport one of the following items free of charge for each child or infant1 and check it in as luggage:

  • A pram

  • A buggy

  • A child seat

  • A cot

Further items of luggage must be booked at extra cost. It is not possible to take prams or buggies on board the aircraft. This also applies to ‘pocket buggies’ in a hand-luggage format.

1 Infants are aged 0 to 23 months, children aged 2 to 11 years.

Travel documents and entry and exit regulations for children and adolescents

In order to take your flight, all travellers need your booking number. Moreover, they are required to show proof of identity – even children/adolescents and infants.

European directives require children to travel with their own travel documents.
Every child of German nationality who travels outside Germany needs his or her own travel document, regardless of age. Entries in a parent's passport are no longer accepted.
The directive also applies to travel within the EU and the Schengen Area.

Foreign nationals who live in Germany are subject to the regulations of their own country or the entry provisions of the countries that they wish to fly to.

Please note that in some countries, such as France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Romania and Israel, separate entry and exit provisions apply to unaccompanied children and adolescents.1 You are expressly advised that every passenger bears individual responsibility for complying with the official entry and exit provisions. For this reason, we recommend obtaining information about the requirements from the responsible authorities and collecting the necessary documentation well before you travel.
On most routes, Eurowings can only transport children aged 12 and under if they travel with a responsible adult companion. On direct domestic flights and those from Germany to Zurich or Vienna only, Eurowings offers a service for unaccompanied minors ages 5 through 11.

In the event that the child's adult companion is not a parent or a guardian, we will need written consent from a parent and/or guardian. Click here to find the form for submitting this written consent, without which it will not be possible to transport the child.
The child and the companion must be reserved in the same booking (under the same booking number). If they are not, please contact our call centre no later than 3 days before departure so that a special note can be added to the companion's reservation.

1 At this time, Eurowings does not offer unaccompanied minors service for children flying alone to these countries.

More information

You also receive discounts for children on Eurowings flights that you have booked through one of our partner airlines or your travel agent. For more information, please contact the relevant airline or your travel agent.

Flights provided by our partner airlines are subject to the fares of the airline in question.

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