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Flight disruptions

Dear passengers, we do our best to carry out all flights as planned and get you to your destination on time. 

However, disruptions to air traffic do occur and in these cases, we would like to support you in the best way possible. The following information is an overview of the services we provide to mitigate inconveniences resulting from delays, cancellation, or irregular operation.

How can we assist you?

Flight status information

Check current flight status

Since disruptions to air traffic can sometimes occur at short notice, we kindly ask that you check the flight status before you travel.

You can easily check your flight status on the go via our mobile portal or the Eurowings app.




Stay up to date

In case of changes to your flight, we will inform you via email, SMS or app notification right away. In case you didn't provide your contact details upon booking the flight, you can still add them to your "My Eurowings" account or on the Eurowings app.

Benefit from the services of the Eurowings app 

  • Track your flight status in real time and receive updates

  • Automatic search for alternative flights in case of cancellation

  • Rebook flights or request a voucher yourself, easy and at no extra cost

  • Step-by-step instructions until you have checked in for your new flight


Download the Eurowings app on Google Play or from the Apple App Store now!


Change or cancel booking

If your flight was cancelled, you can rebook or request a flight voucher free of charge in the “My trip” section. We also offer this option via our mobile portal and the Eurowings app.

Self-Servicing via the Eurowings app 

If your flight is cancelled, the Eurowings app will automatically start searching for alternative flights. You can actively search for suitable alternatives as well. In case no convenient alternative is available, claim a flight voucher via our app.

You're using the app for the first time or haven't checked in for your flight via the app yet?

Follow the steps below using the main menu:

My trips > Add a flight > Enter booking code or tour operator number and surname > Your options


Download the Eurowings app on Google Play or from the Apple App Store now!


You can also contact our staff at the Eurowings service counter, who will be happy to assist you in case of any delays.

By contacting our call centre, you can also rebook your cancelled flight free of charge. Due to the current situation, however, waiting times are very long. We therefore recommend you use our self-service.

Please note:

If your booking was made on an etix® ticket number (e.g.: 220-1111111111) or if you have booked a Eurowings flight on the website or with one of our partner airlines, please contact the Lufthansa reservations office or the corresponding airline to change the travel date.

If you booked your flight through an operator or travel agent, please contact the tour operator or travel agent directly.

Change of Route:

In case of flight cancellations, we try to get you to your destination as soon as possible. If no flight alternatives are available on the same route, we will book you on a flight to a nearby airport. In case we are then unable to organise your onward journey to your destination airport, we will reimburse you for public transport costs to your destination airport after submission of the receipts (e.g. train costs, 2nd class). Please contact us by email at and send us the relevant receipts. We ask for your understanding that we cannot refund taxi or rental car costs.

Did you book a long-haul flight from Frankfurt or Munich?

Unfortunately, no booking changes can be made via Eurowings Online Services for the following routes: outgoing and return flight for Frankfurt am Main (FRA) to Mauritius (MRU), Barbados (BGI), Windhoek (WDH) and Las Vegas (LAS), as well as Munich (MUC) to and from Bangkok (BKK).

Please use the online service of Lufthansa or call the Lufthansa Service number: +49 (0)1806 000 221.


Accommodation and catering


In the case of a delay of multiple hours or a cancellation, you will receive a meal voucher from our local staff. The distribution of meal vouchers depends on the amount of the delay and route length of the flight. On short-haul routes, we will provide you with vouchers for delays of at least two hours. For medium and long-haul flights, you will reveice a voucher if your flight is delayed by at least three or four hours respectively.

In exceptional cases, if there is no on-site catering, we would kindly ask you to provide your own food. We will reimburse you up to €20 per person per day against corresponding proof of purchase.

In addition, we will cover the cost of two telephone calls (faxes or e-mails), provided you can provide proof of the costs incurred.

Overnight accommodation

If the delay or booking changes for a cancelled flight mean you are not able to fly with us until the following day, we will arrange an accommodation for you. We will also provide transport between the hotels and the airport. In a case where we are unable to do this, however, we will cover the cost of public transport for the journey to the hotel and back to the airport. We will accept taxi costs if public transport cannot be used or is too inconvenient, for example because of the late time of day.

In exceptional cases we may not be able to offer you hotel accommodation for logistical reasons. In this case, we would ask you to arrange a place to stay yourself. We will reimburse the documented costs up to the cost of a mid-range hotel in these circumstances.

Reimbursement of expenses

You may have incurred expenses while waiting for your flight, especially for the reasons already mentioned above. We will of course gladly refund these to the extent required by law. Please contact us by e-mail at and send us all corresponding proof of purchase so we can review them for reimbursement.

Information about your luggage

If you have already checked in your luggage, you will need to retrieve your luggage back at the luggage conveyor belt. If you have booked an alternative flight or have been rebooked by us, you will need to check in your luggage again for this alternative flight.

Follow the signs and announcements on site. Our ground staff will be happy to help and support you.


If your flight arrives more than three hours later than the scheduled time of arrival or is cancelled, you may be entitled to claim compensation. This lump sum compensation payment of €125 – €600 is based on the route length and arrival time. 

If the delay or cancellation is due to “exceptional circumstances” (such as an air traffic controller strike or adverse weather conditions), carriers are not required to pay compensation.

Processing time

We aim to provide you with a prompt response and resolve your request to your full satisfaction. Unfortunately, response times might occasionally take longer than we'd like, especially during the peak holiday season and due to external factors. Please be patient with us in this case. 

Please note: Our call centre cannot see or influence how long processing your request will take, so no information can be passed on during this time. 

After six weeks of waiting for a response at the latest, you have the option of contacting an arbitration service. There is an overview of the European Dispute Resolution Centres on the website of the European Consumer Centre Germany.

Was your flight delayed?

You can use our online form to check your compensation payment claim and to make your claim directly when you are entitled:

Has your flight been cancelled?

If your flight has been cancelled, please find our most up to date information about the current situation here:

Denied boarding

In exceptional cases, there may not be enough seats available on one of our flights. This is particularly the case if we cannot use the planned aircraft and the only aircraft available is a smaller one.

In these situations, our on-site ground staff will assist you and help you get to your destination as quickly as possible. You also have the right to assistance and where appropriate, to compensation.