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* Basic fare, unless indicated otherwise – checked luggage is subject to surcharges. Price per leg and person. Limited seating capacity.

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Get a head start with Eurowings FlyAhead

If you want to change bookings to a flight departing up to three hours before the originally booked flight on the same day, you have the following options:

  • On the same day in person at a Eurowings check-in counter at the airport, up to 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the booking you wish to change to.

  • In person with Eurowings staff at the gate for the flight you wish to change your booking to. In some cases, you may need to go to a different gate staffed by Eurowings personnel.

The following conditions must be met to make booking changes:

  • There must be seating available in your travel class on the earlier flight at the time the booking changes are made.

  • The booking changes may not cause a delay in departure.

  • The booking changes must be made before boarding.

  • The terms for passenger and luggage check-in, as well as all other airport procedures, must be observed for the earlier flight.

  • You may not have already checked in luggage for the originally booked flight.

  • Luggage may not be checked in at the gate. Passengers with checked luggage who wish to make use of the FlyAhead offer may only do so at the check-in counter when checking in upon arrival to the airport.

We reserve the right to deny your request to change your booking to an earlier flight if, in our view, the conditions specified above are not met, or if doing so would otherwise compromise safety or disrupt operations. We therefore ask that you indicate your desire to make use of the FlyAhead offer as early as possible, at the check-in if possible.

Passengers who have booked the BASIC or SMART fare can make these booking changes (FlyAhead) for a fee of €30 (or an equivalent amount if paid in a different currency). The currency of the country of departure shall apply.

Payment for FlyAhead can be made either at the check-in counter or at the gate. Credit card is the only accepted form of payment. Printed receipts can be issued.

FlyAhead is not available to passengers whose:

  • flight is part of a package

  • booking contains a ticket number

  • flight was paid for with miles

All other passengers (including BIZclass, Dynamic Flex and SMART Flex passengers) are eligible to make use of the FlyAhead offer free of charge.

Try FlyAhead on your next flight. We are excited to welcome you on board soon!